Flag Salute and The Pledge
The Flag Salute and the Pledge bring into a child’s life a sense of respect, honor, pride, covering, belonging, citizenship, leadership and freedom; it places value in the child’s life. It promotes memorization skills, a small form of history, knowing our country’s name (United State of America) and its’ standard as a nation.

Simple task and responsibility:  Don’t be a litterbug!!  Let’s keep America Clean!!.
(Discuss with students Cooperation)

At School: classroom, playground, cafeteria, bathroom, bus
At Home: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, yard, car
Our City: parks, street, stores, library, recreation places, lakes,
Our Church: sanctuary, classroom, bathroom


Math Concept (Beginning Fraction)

For a week (daily) have something edible that can be cut into halves and fourths (i.e. apples, bananas, oranges, sandwiches, etc.). Give the students a visual of the difference between whole, halves, and fourths. Have the students participate in an exercise in which they choose which portion of the fraction they would like for the day. At the end of this teaching segment review what fractions were used in the exercises.  Show what a fraction looks like on the board and explain the whole and all portions chosen.